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Best Ski Pass Prices Meribel

Discover & book Meribel lift-passes


There are several different types of lift pass you can buy for your ski holiday. Individuals can buy a Meribel only pass or a full 3 Valleys pass, and there are special rate passes available for families, groups, beginners and pedestrians.

Popular ski passes
There are two main types of 'Meribel Ski Pass': the 3 Valleys Pass (full area) and the Meribel Valley Pass (local area). The 3 Valleys Pass is more expensive and comprehensive, covering all the lifts in Meribel and the neighbouring resorts of Courchevel and Val Thorens. The Meribel Valley Pass covers the lifts in Meribel and Mottaret but no further, so is best suited to beginners. Most skiers buy the six day 3 Valleys pass, as this allows you to explore many more pistes, mountain restaurants & bars and the neighbouring resorts without having to worry if you've 'crossed a border'!

3 Valleys Ski Passes 2019/20
13-64 yrs
6 Days: €312.00
5-12 yrs
6 Days: €249.60
65-74 yrs
6 Days: €280.80
2 pers. p/p
6 Days: €302.00
3 pers. p/p
6 Days: €297.00
Min 4 pers. p/p
6 Days: €249.60

How to buy ski passes
There are two lift-companies in the valley, depending on whether you are staying in Meribel-Mottaret or Meribel. Make sure you get your pass from the right one if you're picking your pass up in resort, otherwise you'll have a trek to get to the right office.

You can buy your Meribel-Mottaret or Meribel passes online but before you buy anything we recommend you check the weather forecasts for your arrival and/or speak to your accommodation provider or ski school, who should be able to advise you of the best options. 

See our Ski Pass Options article for full details on passes to buy, or read on for all ski-pass prices comparisons. Read our separate page for Summer Lift Pass Prices.

Ski season prices & dates

The Meribel ski season generally runs from early-December to late April each year. For the 2019/20 season the dates are December 7th 2019 to April 26th 2020. Depending on the conditions, there are the are three season bands which apply to lift-pass prices. 

Early Main Late

Dec 7th - 13th
Dec 14th - 20th

Dec 21st 2019
to April 10th  2020
April 11th - 26th 2020

Unless otherwise stated, ski passes and prices are generally subject to the following terms:

  • Prices are shown in Euros (€)
  • Kids under 5 years and Seniors over 75 years ski for free - proof of age required. Ages on the first day of skiing are taken into account
  • A photo is required for free passes and season passes and you will also need to pay €3 for a hands free pass
  • Hands free passes for all other types of ski pass are included in the price
  • The type or duration of the ski pass refers to consecutive days
  • ‚Äč3V Extension Day entitles you to upgrade your Meribel pass to a 3 Valleys pass for 1 day; minimum 2 day pass required and within original validity
  • Passes are strictly personal and non-transferable. Do not share
  • Longer duration ski passes are available when you buy online and in resort
  • Prices shown are a guide only, confirmed at time of booking; further terms & conditions may apply. Prices may be subject to changes in sales tax

Ski Lift Opening Dates Meribel

Individual ski-passes

During the main part of the season, anyone not qualifying for a group or family discounted rate will need an individual's ski pass.

MER = Meribel Valley Pass; 3V = 3 Valleys Pass

Meribel Valley & 3 Valleys Ski Pass 2019/20 (€)
prices per person
13-64 yrs
5-12 yrs
65-74 yrs
3hrs MER 46.50 37.30 41.80
 >12:30 MER 46.50 37.30 41.80
4hrs 3V 56.00 44.80 50.40
1 Day MER 53.00 42.50 47.70
3V 63.00 50.40 56.70
2 Day MER 106.00 85.00 95.40
3V 124.00 99.20 111.60
3 Day MER 159.00 127.50 143.10
3V 186.00 148.80 167.40
4 Day MER 212.00 170.00 190.80
3V 248.00 198.40 223.20
5 Day MER 236.00 189.60 212.40
3V 297.00 237.60 267.30
6 Day MER 260.00 209.00 234.00
3V 312.00 249.60 280.80
7 Day MER 294.00 236.20 264.60
3V 361.00 288.80 324.90
3V Extension Day MER 38.00 30.40 34.20

Ski Areas in Meribel

Group ski-passes

Reduced ski pass prices are available for groups of two (Duo) or more (Tribu) in Meribel. Duo and Tribu Pass discounts are available only for passes bought at the same time, online for the same duration in the same ski area in a single transaction. 

DUO Group Ski Pass - Meribel & 3 Valleys 2019/20 (€)
2 Persons
prices per person
Meribel Valley
price per person
3 Valleys
price per person
6 Day 253.00 302.00
7 Day 287.00 351.00

TRIBU Group Ski Pass - Meribel & 3 Valleys 2019/20 (€)
3+ Persons
prices per person
Meribel Valley
price per person
3 Valleys
price per person
6 Day 250.00 297.00
7 Day 284.00 346.00

Family Ski Passes

All family members pay the child's rate; family rates are available to families of: 2 parents + 2 children (5-17 yrs) and any extra children (2-7 children). To benefit from the discount at least 4 ski passes must be bought at the same time for the same duration and ski area. Children and seniors require proof of age either at the moment of sale or in resort. Ages on the first day of skiing are taken into account.

Family Ski Pass - Meribel & 3 Valleys 2019/20 (€)
prices per person
Meribel Valley 3 Valleys
6 Day 209.00 249.60
7 Day 236.20 288.80
8 Day 269.10 328.00

Beginners ski-passes

This pass is for beginners skiers in the Meribel & Mottaret ski area only, giving access to: Drag-lifts: Altiport, Côtes, Sittelle, Aigle; Telecabins: Rhodos 1 et 2, Tougnète 1, Olympe, Chalets; Chairlifts: Altiport, Golf, Morel, Arolles, Combes; Magic carpets: Loupiot, Doron; and Pull-cords: Fontanyl, Ourson.

Mini Pass - Meribel Valley 2019/20 (€)
price per person
Any age
1 Day 29.00

Beginner Ski Areas in Meribel

Snowpark passes

In Meribel you have access to the DC Area 43 park, the Elements park and the Plattieres boardercross, whereas the 3 Valleys pass also includes the family park in Courchevel, plus 2 more snowparks in Val Thorens and Les Menuires.

Snowparks in Meribel

Discounted ski-passes

In Meribel ski-pass discounts are available for skiing early or late in the season, when snow conditions may be less certain. Prices often change last minute so check at the time of purchase.

Free passes

Under 5's & over 75's ski for free - ID for proof of age required. 

Cross-country ski-passes

The Meribel cross-country ski tracks are free.

Cross-country Skiing in Meribel

Season passes

Ski Season Pass - Meribel & 3 Valleys 2019/20 (€)
prices per person
Meribel Valley 3 Valleys
1130.00 1336.00
907.00 1068.80
1017.00 1202.40
Any age
1080.00 1296.00
Any age
1065.00 1276.00
907.00 1068.80

Pedestrian passes

Passes available to buy at the Ski Pass Offices in resort. You can find out which lifts are accessible for pedestrians on this map.

Pedestrian Pass - Meribel & 3 Valleys 2019/20 (€)
price per person
Any age
1 Journey 10.00
2 Journeys 17.00
1 Day 24.50
6 Day 75.50
Saulire Express 1 -
Folie Douce access

Maps of Meribel

Other passes

The 3 Vallees Liberté Pass, sold on the basis of an annual subscription, is a pay-as-you-go ski pass with the following benefits:

  • -10% off the daily public adult rate throughout the season
  • -20% off the daily public every Saturday on adult 3 Valleys pass prices
  • The 9th day's skiing is free and then after that you get every 6th day of skiing free
  • Only available to buy online - 30 euros per year annual subscription

Ski insurance

All the prices shown above are without ski insurance. You can add on Carré Neige insurance for just 2.90€ per person, per day. This can be easily added on when you buy your pass on line or when you buy your passes in resort. 

Ski Insurance for Meribel

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