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Meribel Snow Report
Latest Snow Conditions

also see Weather in Meribel: Snow Forecast

Meribel Snow Report: 14th April 2014

Cara finishes her race season in Meribel, but will be back next winter
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 14th April 2014

Last week was filled with the end of the British Championships and my real National Championships: The Scottish Championships in Courchevel. I ended the British Champs on a high and managed to claim all the overall titles I could have won. I won the Ladies and Mens Overall, the Ladies Overall, the Junior Ladies Overall, the Under 21s Ladies Overall and the non-British Team Overall. My goal for the British was the Junior Overall so everything on top of that was a great achievement for me. I have definitely had my most successful British Championships ever winning 20 medals and 13 trophies!

After a day off, where the weather took a turn for the worst, the sun came back out for the next series of races starting on Tuesday. First up were two Slaloms. My Slalom definitely needs a lot of work and I didn’t ski well enough to make any best results but I finished first place Scot in both races. Luckily the last two races of the season were Giant Slalom which is my favourite discipline. On day one my first run wasn’t great and I was sat in fifth place overall. I was determined to really go for it second run and I knew that I had nothing to lose! I had a good second run and climbed up to third place on the podium. I made a second best result and won the Scottish Giant Slalom title. The next day I didn’t want to make the same mistake in my first run like the day before. I had a pretty messy first run and was sat in third place. As it was the last race of the season I didn’t want to finish with another bronze. I really went for it second run and despite making a mistake with the line coming down the steep I moved up into first place and had the fastest second run time of the day! This was my first ever win in a FIS race and I scored another second best result that will take my points down just a little more. It was important to try and get my points as low as possible this season as it will decide where I will start in races next season. The course gets bumpier every time someone goes down it and the lower your points the earlier on the start list you get to go!

I won the Slalom and Giant Slalom Scottish titles and the Overall and Junior Scottish Trophies. It is a very long season and the British race calendar has a huge amount of races at the end of season but I’m very happy with my performance over the last few weeks. However, this is only just the beginning and I still have a lot of work to do! I will be out of race training on snow until June now and working on my fitness. Even though the Winter season comes to a close in a few weeks the hard work never ends.

Meribel has been a great place to train and race this season. It now really feels like a home away from home. Next season I will be back here again to make the most of everything Meribel has to offer. When you drive up the valley towards Meribel the mountains are still covered in snow. The lower runs are pretty green now but the top runs are still in perfect condition. This week the temperatures are due to drop slightly that will make the snow conditions even better. The sun will still be shining so Meribel will be offering yet another picture perfect week on the slopes.

Meribel Snow Report: 11th April 2014

Robin Deering | Meribel Editor | published: 11th April 2014

The sunny weather took the day off on Monday and mist lay low across the piste and rain fell very heavily. Luckily the weather is now back to it's sunny self. The forecast is predicted to change this weekend with very light rain in the resort but nothing that will threaten your skiing holiday too much!
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Meribel Snow Report: 5th April 2014

Race report from Cara the Skier, British Alpine Championships
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 5th April 2014
Meribel Snow Report: 5th April 2014

It’s the end of the Delancey British Alpine Senior Championships. I have had my best ever Senior Championships. Now there are only two more races, the junior slalom and giant slalom, before the British are finished and I go to Courchevel for the Scottish National Championships!
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Meribel Snow Report: 3rd April 2014

Windy wind down to the week in Meribel
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 3rd April 2014

The weather is changing again in Meribel and a few clouds are appearing but the good weather will be back soon....we hope.
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Meribel Snow Report: 1st April 2014

Ski touring on the Borgne Glacier in Meribel
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 1st April 2014
 Snow Report: 1st April 2014

Every day this week has been perfect! The sun is out and the snow conditions are great for this time of year. The snow is staying in great condition on the top lifts all day. This week the Delancey British Alpine Ski Championships are being held in Meribel, you might have noticed that there is a huge amount of netting up on the stade because it’s Downhill time!
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Meribel Snow Report: 31st March 2014

Latest race report from Meribel with Cara the Skier
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 31st March 2014
Meribel Snow Report: 31st March 2014

What a surprisingly sunny week it has been here in Meribel! The temperatures have shot up again and it’s warm from first thing in the morning so get up high and early to get the best of the skiing.
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Meribel Snow Report: 28th March 2014

No fresh snow but cool conditions keep snow in tact
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 28th March 2014
 Snow Report: 28th March 2014

I have to say I was very wrong about the weather in my last snow report! Despite being sure I would wake up on Wednesday and Thursday to a cloudy sky and a cold, windy, snowy day, I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up to brilliant sunshine and blue skies!
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Meribel Snow Report: 24th March 2014

Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 26th March 2014
 Snow Report: 24th March 2014

#Winterisback is the hashtag of the week! There has been another dump of snow across France and in Meribel the snow isn’t due to stop until Thursday but it will be lighter than the weekend's dump.
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Meribel Snow Report: 24th March 2014

French Championships race report, heavy snow in Meribel cancels races
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 24th March 2014

The weather has completely changed and the endless blue skies have been replaced by fog, rain and fortunately snow. The forecast said that there would be no snow below 2000 meters but it was proved wrong as snow started falling in Meribel centre. The weather isn’t showing any signs of clearing up over the next few days but we were in need of some fresh snow and it’s looking like Meribel will be offering some excellent end of season skiing!
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Meribel Snow Report: 21st March 2014

Last sun report before the snow makes a welcome appearance in Meribel!
Robin Deering | Meribel Editor | published: 21st March 2014
 Snow Report: 21st March 2014

Last day of the week and last day of the clement weather as tomorrow brings wind, a drop in temperature and snow! This weather front is expected to stay with us until Monday with the return of the old current bun on Tuesday.
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