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Meribel Snow Report
Latest Snow Conditions

also see Weather in Meribel: Snow Forecast

Meribel Snow Report: 16th April 2014

Last snow report from Cara and there is snow on it's way!
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 16th April 2014

Three things you have to know about spring skiing: get up for the first lift, go up as high as possible and stay up there! The snow is still plentiful and the sun just won’t go away in Meribel.

In Meribel the snow above the middle stations of Saulire and Tougnette is still in great condition. You won’t find any of the slush that’s on the lower slopes. For beginners the Altiport, although not so high up, has less piles of soft snow than the other lower runs and still makes a very nice run to ski. I was surprised by the snow on the red Renard run that sits under the Dent de Burgin chairlift just above the Altiport. The snow is still hard later in the day and there is no chance of encountering any muddy patches. The best part about skiing at this time of year is that there is absolutely nobody on the hill! You don’t have to worry about any lift queues or having to wind your way around the ski schools disrupting your run.

If you are out here skiing on your own skis, or even rental skis that should be carefully looked after, avoid skiing down to the Chaudanne via the bottom of the blue Doron run. It is a rock minefield and will carve horrible little patterns into your bases! Take your route down via Mottaret, on the opposite side of the mountain or turn off earlier on the blue Doron run to get to the escalators that take you directly to the centre of town. 

Even though the shops in Meribel might have extended their lunch hours it’s the time of year to check out all the end of season sales! (Most shops are open again from 15:30.) In Meribel Sports Boutique has a big sale on Bogner equipment, all hats and gloves and on winter boots. In Meribel and Courchevel the Boot Lab have 30% off everything, ranging from the trendiest ski gear to cool T-shirts! The Odlo shop also has 30% off their winter thermals. The ladies design this year are lovely and worth having a look at. They also have their summer wear in stock already ready for any hikers and bikers out there. Even the Newsagents in the centre of town has a sale on souvenirs to take home with you. If you are in need of new equipment for next season now is the time to buy.
Everything on sale in Meribel is great quality and will still be on trend for next season.  

When you’re looking around for somewhere to eat you might have noticed that quite a lot of the restaurants on the slopes are now shut for the season. However, the centre of Mottaret is still buzzing with life and you can enjoy your lunch sat in a deck chair on the snow. A great little sun catcher restaurant is Le Chardonnet. This restaurant has a nice sun deck and can be found just next to the middle station of the Pas Du Lac Gondola so it can also be accessed by foot. 

Everywhere in the 3 Vallees closes on the 25th April, with the excpetion of Val Thorens which is set to close on the 11th of May, so there is still plenty of time to enjoy the rest of the season. The weather also seems to be hinting towards some light snow showers this weekend! This is the time of year to really enjoy yourself whilst skiing. You don’t have to worry about being cold, the pistes being too crowded or the lift lines being too long.

If you’ve come to Meribel to enjoy the best of the snow and sun, then you’ve definitely come to the right place. 

Meribel Snow Report: 14th April 2014

Cara finishes her race season in Meribel, but will be back next winter
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 14th April 2014
Meribel Snow Report: 14th April 2014

My racing season is over! The last race was on Saturday and now I’ve got a few more days in Meribel to try out some new boot liners from The Boot Lab and enjoy the last of the snow and sunshine.
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Meribel Snow Report: 11th April 2014

Robin Deering | Meribel Editor | published: 11th April 2014

The sunny weather took the day off on Monday and mist lay low across the piste and rain fell very heavily. Luckily the weather is now back to it's sunny self. The forecast is predicted to change this weekend with very light rain in the resort but nothing that will threaten your skiing holiday too much!
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Meribel Snow Report: 5th April 2014

Race report from Cara the Skier, British Alpine Championships
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 5th April 2014
Meribel Snow Report: 5th April 2014

It’s the end of the Delancey British Alpine Senior Championships. I have had my best ever Senior Championships. Now there are only two more races, the junior slalom and giant slalom, before the British are finished and I go to Courchevel for the Scottish National Championships!
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Meribel Snow Report: 3rd April 2014

Windy wind down to the week in Meribel
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 3rd April 2014

The weather is changing again in Meribel and a few clouds are appearing but the good weather will be back soon....we hope.
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Meribel Snow Report: 1st April 2014

Ski touring on the Borgne Glacier in Meribel
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 1st April 2014
 Snow Report: 1st April 2014

Every day this week has been perfect! The sun is out and the snow conditions are great for this time of year. The snow is staying in great condition on the top lifts all day. This week the Delancey British Alpine Ski Championships are being held in Meribel, you might have noticed that there is a huge amount of netting up on the stade because it’s Downhill time!
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Meribel Snow Report: 31st March 2014

Latest race report from Meribel with Cara the Skier
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 31st March 2014
Meribel Snow Report: 31st March 2014

What a surprisingly sunny week it has been here in Meribel! The temperatures have shot up again and it’s warm from first thing in the morning so get up high and early to get the best of the skiing.
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Meribel Snow Report: 28th March 2014

No fresh snow but cool conditions keep snow in tact
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 28th March 2014
 Snow Report: 28th March 2014

I have to say I was very wrong about the weather in my last snow report! Despite being sure I would wake up on Wednesday and Thursday to a cloudy sky and a cold, windy, snowy day, I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up to brilliant sunshine and blue skies!
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Meribel Snow Report: 24th March 2014

Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 26th March 2014
 Snow Report: 24th March 2014

#Winterisback is the hashtag of the week! There has been another dump of snow across France and in Meribel the snow isn’t due to stop until Thursday but it will be lighter than the weekend's dump.
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Meribel Snow Report: 24th March 2014

French Championships race report, heavy snow in Meribel cancels races
Cara Brown - Ski Racer | | published: 24th March 2014

The weather has completely changed and the endless blue skies have been replaced by fog, rain and fortunately snow. The forecast said that there would be no snow below 2000 meters but it was proved wrong as snow started falling in Meribel centre. The weather isn’t showing any signs of clearing up over the next few days but we were in need of some fresh snow and it’s looking like Meribel will be offering some excellent end of season skiing!
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