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Meribel Apres Ski Report: 5th April 2013

Winding down and getting comfy...
Jack Franks | Meribel Reporter | published: 5th April 2013

With only a couple of weeks left of the season, this is the perfect time to rush out and do all of those things that you said you were going to do five months ago before you discovered Mutzig. Over the last week I have done exactly that by eating in new restaurants, skiing in new areas and drinking in new bars. I even took every single ski lift in Meribel (there are 40 of them) in just one day, resulting in a very sunburned nose, but that is another report entirely.

Not all of these experiences were entirely pleasant but some of them were good enough to make up for the rest. On Easter sunday I went for an afternoon hot chocolate at La Maison. As previously reported by Caroline, La Maison is a charming little wine bar in the middle of town just behind the bus stops near the Taverne. I popped in for a hot chocolate at about 4 in the afternoon and was so enamoured with the place that I returned that very same evening for a bottle of wine and a delicious selection of cheese.

My girlfriend and I sat in comfortable old armchairs, surrounded by shelves of old tea cups and pots, jars of homemade jam and faded photographs of strangers. The place has a cosy feel and a relaxed atmosphere. A bottle of wine and extensive cheeseboard with as much crusty bread as we wanted came to less than €20 each and for the two blissful hours I spent stuffing my face with lovely smelly cheese and washing it down with a bottle of Savoyard wine I think it was an absolute steal.

The proprietors, Brigitte and Gerard, are a warm and friendly pair. They have been in Meribel for years and after a successful season I am pleased to report that La Maison will be opening its doors once again next winter. Thankfully as I intend to work my way through their selection of desserts and cured meats as well as revisiting that cheeseboard.

Yesterday evening, after introducing a couple of friends to La Maison, I was hungry to explore some more new places so we strolled down the road to a bar called Fifty 50. This bar has been in Meribel for as long as I can remember but for some reason I have never gone inside.
Two beers and a coke came to €20 and a dog tried to drink my beer. It was a nice dog though.

Finally, next Thursday, the party experts from Ibiza Rocks will be hosting an epic end of season apres party at The Rond Point. Expect amazing music from some incredible special guest DJs.

More information to follow!


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Meribel Apres Ski Report: 22nd March 2013

DJs, Goonies and Pro Shredders
Jack Franks | Meribel Reporter | published: 22nd March 2013
an image of dj norman jay

This week a number of different things have limited my apres intake. Perhaps the biggest of which being the incredible snow we have received here in Meribel recently.
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Meribel Apres Ski Report: 13th March 2013

A Native American Adventure
Jack Franks | Meribel Reporter | published: 13th March 2013
an image of a painting of indians courchevel

This week I became a member of a new tribe. The tribe consisted of some postmen, some chalet hosts and some ski bums and the leader of our tribe was named "Chief 2Bite" due to his ferocious appetite and incredible ability to be able to eat a Mottaret Mountain Burger in just two bites.
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Meribel Apres Ski Report: 28th February 2013

The one with the cheese hangover
Jack Franks | Meribel Reporter | published: 28th February 2013
Meribel Apres Report 27th Feb 2013

Last weeks mention of 2 4 1 Sunday at the Den seemed to have done the trick. I went for a nice chilled out evening drink on Sunday and practically had to fight my way to the bar. The place was rammed. Go to Jack's for Toss the Boss instead this weekend will you? I don't like queuing!
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Meribel Apres Ski Report: 22nd February 2013

There's a moose loose...
Jack Franks | Meribel Reporter | published: 22nd February 2013
an image of the meribel bear lit up

With a job starting this weekend, I have been able to stop, take a deep breath and have a good look around... and the first thing I noticed was a missing moose.
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Meribel Apres Ski Report: 18th February 2013

Jack's Not Quite Back
Jack Franks | Meribel Reporter | published: 18th February 2013
an image of musicians les trois tetes

I have been in Meribel for 12 days and haven’t been skiing here yet. I think this might be more frustrating than being back in England commuting to London every day.
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