Big Air Bag Mottaret, Meribel

Take some jumps & leaps onto the Big Air Bag

The Big Air Bag which used to be located in the Area 43 snow park has now been moved to the centre of Mottaret.

Take some gnarly leaps off the jump and land on the air bag, the perfect place to practice those big jumps and tricks without having a crash landing on snow. Fun for beginners who are just starting jumping and experts to practice their tricks and skills.

Head to any of the S3V lift pass offices for more information and enjoy the big air bag open every afternoon and apres ski. 

Location: Mottaret

Inner Tubing, Meribel

Whizz down the slopes in a inflatable ring

This winter S3V are now offering inner tubing as a winter activity.

Everyday during the afternoon and for apres ski you can whizz and slide down the slopes in an inflatable ring. Definitely an adrenaline filled and fun activity for groups and families.

Head to one of the S3V lift pass offices to book your inner tubing fun!

Location: Mottaret

Style: Family