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Activity Reviews in Meribel
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Meribel Road Trip Review

Hamish sets off on a wee road trip in his Morgan 4/4
Hamish Brown | Guest Reporter | published: 6th May 2014

Hamish Brown has been in Meribel since 1992 running Alpine Management Services and is a Director at AMS Rentals. When Merinet was first launched he wrote the snow reports for us before Caroline took over. It's been a while but now he's back with a series of summer road trips in his sporty Morgan car. This is his first installment in that series...

Meribel has been closed for over a week, Chamonix has its last day of the season, the skies are clear, the office is closed so what to do?  ROAD TRIP……… 

At this time of year there is only really one option. Although this morning French radio announced a red day on many major routes, I have no intention of touching a major road. My route is from near Ugine, along the flat towards Chambery, through the vineyards then over the Col du Frêne. Now there is a coincidence – my wee car has an ash frame.

After the col you enter the “land that time forgot”. Its correct name is “Parc Naturel Régional du Massif des Bauges”. The only people that really know about it are the locals and every cycle and motorbike club in the area. The destination is the view point that looks down onto Aix les Bains and Chambery Airport. If you have ever flown into Chambery AIX airport in the winter, the flight path is lower that this view point.

The trip takes us over a number of cols, all below 1200m so all clear of snow. The main cols in the area are still closed. Well that was the plan. The reality was a bit different. Great trip through the vineyards, past Chateau de Miolan then over the first col. What, no sun, only clouds and the temperature dropped by about 10 degrees. But the good news, the valley is stunning, the cows are mooing the wind is in what little hair I have left (coupe d'été) and no one on the road.

In 45 minutes driving, 4 motorbikes past us and 6 cars went the other way. Over the Col du Pres, down towards Chambery and then a sharp right, back up the hill towards the Col du Plainpalais. The view point we were heading for, is just past the ski resort of Revard. Unfortunately, we then climbed into the clouds – now very cold. Nothing to see, so no photo of the view. Luckily, I have one I made earlier – about 4 weeks ago.

A hasty descent down to Aix Les Bains and a stop lake side to watch the kite surfers on Lac du Bourget. The lake, the shore and the lake side road with its new cycle track and frontage looked magnificent – I guess I would too if someone spent 25 million euros on me. All in all an excellent wee trip.

Before I sign off from the first of my summer reports I would like to pass on my congratulation to Cara Brown for her excellent performance over the winter, especially at the British and Scottish Championships in the 3 Valleys – Well done Cara! 

Hamish (on the road to nowhere)

Meribel Snowshoe Review

Who needs chairlifts?
Jack Franks | Meribel Reporter | published: 1st March 2013
Meribel snowshoeing

I've had a busy few days in resort. With Tuesday being my first official "day off" of the season I decided to make the very most of it. On Monday afternoon I went and saw the lovely chaps up at Sports Boutique (next to Le Pub and near the big golden sparkly bear) who loaned me three pairs of snow shoes. At 4 o'clock the next morning, I set off with my brother and a friend for a snow shoeing adventure.
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Meribel Activity Review: 15th August 2012

Méribel at its buzzy best
Caroline Sayer | Meribel Reporter | published: 15th August 2012
Doron river and walkers bridge

You might think that Méribel in summer is a relaxed, dozy, out-of-season sort of place. It’s true that the inter-season (May-June, September-November) are quiet months, when you are more likely to meet a marmot or red deer on the mountain than another human being. July and August, however, are Méribel’s summer season, when the resort comes alive with a spectacular range of activities, events, theme weeks and parties.
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Meribel Activity Review: 31st August 2011

The last week of the season but still plenty to do in Meribel
Caroline Sayer | Meribel Reporter | published: 31st August 2011
White water rafting on the Isere River

It’s the last week of the summer season and Méribel is slowly emptying of visitors and becoming quieter. Although the official season ends on 4th September, there is still plenty to do in the valley this month and it is, in fact, one of my favourite times of year.
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Meribel Activity Review: 23rd August 2011

Caroline Sayer | Meribel Reporter | published: 23rd August 2011

Good grief, it’s nearly the end of the summer already. Where did it go? The summer season in Méribel is short – only nine weeks compared with the twenty-one weeks of the winter season. The summer activities are much more varied and numerous than in winter so the time flies past and I find it’s impossible to fit everything in. I still haven’t walked to the Gebrolaz glacier with my new “everything you ever wanted to know about glaciers” guidebook; still haven’t learned to climb; still haven’t managed to get my golf handicap down (though I’m beginning to think that may be impossible given my lack of natural ability to hit golf balls).
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